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Project: Pip View

The Pip view project (formerly the FPS View project) aims to provide at least one First Person view through the panellum system for each fast travel location.

This project uses the Template:FPSSmartPage to create the individual pages on their own (which in turn calls Template:FPSRight Template:FPSPreviewPull and Template:FPSPreviewPullData to determine how many views currently exist, display the previews, and Widget:Pannellum to pull the view). The pages are "smart" in that correctly named files are automatically pulled and put into their correct locations, and the page knows how many other pages exist. The base page for this is Model Location, with each view being a subpage from this. Template:PipViewCredits Displays the compatbility information.

The base location page is not normally user accessible, but does contain the category for each page... or it might be user accessable and display a local map of the views. TBC.

Essential variables for all pages, like game title, are defined in the base location page.

Naming and categorisation conventions[edit]

Images for pages[edit]

File names MUST be correct else they will not work. Spaces MUST be included where relevant.

  • Main image (location name)(view number)FPSImage.jpg
  • Map Icon (location name)MapIcon.jpg
  • Previews (location name)(view number)FPSPreview.jpg

Important code[edit]

Define GameTitle on base location page[edit]

<section begin=gametitledefine/>
{{#vardefine: GameTitle| (game title}}
<section end=gametitledefine/>

Category Code for base location page[edit]

<!--Categories for the Smart Page template-->
<section begin=Categories />
[[Category:Pip View {{#var: GameTitle }}]]
<section end=Categories />

Defining image view on the image page[edit]

<section begin=ViewName/>Model Location View Two<section end=ViewName/>